Tuesday, March 06, 2007

My fingers are frozen!!! But I have new windshield wipers! I ran over to Sears only to discover that the sell windshield wipers in the auto part and they closed at 8pm and it was 8:03. Sooo... I decided to check Home Depot since it was right there and they said that Target, which was next door, sold them! Yay! So I went in and got one blade and realized at the checkout that it was just one blade and ran back for another.

I got back to school and found that they had put all the street lamps on (probably because of the music competiton) so I got the great idea to park under one and try to change the wipers. I couldn't figure it out and my fingers nearly froze off. So... I tried calling Uncle Chuck and then got the great idea to google "Changing windshield wipers on Mercury Sable." I found some sort of car forum where some guy complained about changing his wipers on his M.S. and I got the answer I needed! So I ran out again, froze my fingers off, but changed the blades. Yessss!

Anyhoo... I did more field observations today. Then I hung around with TCS people, playing the hand game and Zoom/Brake. Then I went to the awards ceremony and TCS was so sure they weren't winning anything that when they got called, they were in a daze. Haha.

So yeah... bye.

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somecallmemom said...

Did you teach them Zoom/Brake? What's the hand game?