Thursday, March 01, 2007

Hi people. Guess I should get around to updating this thing.

So the hoped-for snow day did not happen. I didn’t sleep well Sunday night because I was quite excited that there might be a snow day and I kept waking up because I wanted it to be 6:30 so I could check the school closing site. Hah, the most depressing moment in my college life is when you click that little emergency closing button and it says “All classes are being held as scheduled.” Do you realize how emotionally upsetting that is? Ok, that’s not the most depressing moment. The most depressing moment is when you check your semester grades and see a “D” and freak out because you can’t believe it’s true (and it wasn’t).

Anyway, classes are going just dandy. Oh I forgot to say, Saturday night I babysat 3 kids. Two of them were in bed and the oldest went to bed at 8:15. I got a lot of studying done. Yay. Anyway, Monday was the usual – class. I survived the night class too. Tuesday I had one class and since Foundations of Special Ed doesn’t meet anymore because of field observations, I babysat the 3 kids again. The oldest went to preschool and the other two napped. Sooo I got some more studying done. AND I bombed my Tuesday exam on Romans. So much for reading Romans 5 times. But at least I know now how to study for his exams. I HATE FIRST EXAMS!!! I never know what to expect and I usually study all the wrong things.

Anyway, Tuesday night we went to the new Chickfila because we got free sandwich coupons. I really wanted to work at the new one, but oh well. I think the Chickfila days are over.

Wednesday I had class and then went to visit Mrs. Fisher, aka “Millie.” She’s a sweet little lady. She showed me old pictures. Seriously, men and women back then looked so much more masculine and feminine! The girls were so pretty. She was the 13th of 14 kids and the kids were usually around 3 years apart.

Today we had class, Andy nearly threw my cellphone out the second story classroom window, I tutored Ruth, and went to dinner in the Eagle’s Nest. Two quotable quotes:

Context: Danae was talking about how she wanted her brothers to be a doctor, a dentist, and a lawyer, but “stupid boys just want to be farmers.” She then said that they sit at the table and talk about how they’re going to change the farm when their parents die.

“They want to get cattle and get rid of the pigs.” – Danae
“Cattle are pigs.” – Christy

Then later,
“Walking from Heritage to Main Campus 10 times a day and the music in chapel just shakes the pounds off.” – Danae

Spring break is coming up! I need to do stuff over break... like art projects and take pictures of eyes. Ahhh!!! And then we only have 7 weeks left! So much to do, so little time. I have to register for summer classes the week I come back, turn in all the RA application forms the week I get back, register for Fall classes in two weeks, meet with my advisor, tutor, babysit, visit Millie, work in the office, etc. Wheeeeeeeeee! I thrive on being busy.

OH YEAH!!! And I need to remember to get the commentaries on Psalms out of the library so I can do the thing about what the author’s literary approach is. That paragraph was really for my benefit.

Firefox reinstalled itself and deleted all my bookmarks and settings. Boooo. Also, if I unplug my computer from the back, it goes to battery. If I unplug it from the wall, it turns off. WEIRD!!!

I need to do art projects or something. BYE!

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