Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Hi people! I don't have time to post pictures because I still have to reduce them all. These past weeks have been really busy.

March 20: We blindfolded Colleen and took her to Panera's for her birthday. That was fun.
March 22: I did field observation again because my Ed Tech class was canceled. We had a MuKappa dinner in the cafeteria and then I babysat. Aidan decided he couldn't sleep without his mom and his parents came home to get something and ended up staying instead.
March 23: I did more field observation and completed my 12 hours. We had our art show and that was fun. I slept over at Jessi's that night. Her sister Anna was visiting. (She slept over here Thurs-Fri.)
March 24: I was supposed to babysit, but that got canceled. I went to "Through Their Eyes" which was a seminar on teaching kids with learning disabilities. It was sooo much fun! I also really appreciated it because I had just been in the schools and I had Foundations of Special Ed. It's crazy how they're doing school now. Kids get juggled between classes for different "support" classes! Some might be in an inclusive classroom and go out for reading support or emotional support and stuff like that. It takes a lot of thought from the teachers so they can plan a class that has the least amount of kids leaving.
March 25: Went to church with Colleen. We went with the Sutherlands to the Majestic Oaks nursing home for their monthly ministry. Jon needs a haircut. He was playing the organ and the lady next to me said "She plays really well, doesn't she."
March 27: I found out at 10pm that I had the go signal to register online for classes. I'm supposed to register in 15 minutes. However, there was a glitch in the computer system. All the dual level people were allowed to register with the seniors! The computer even says that I'm a sophomore now, a junior in the summer, and a senior in the fall. Weird. Anyway I registered and emailed Mr Schlenker about it and he said he wouldn't drop my courses and consider myself fortunate that I could register early. Haha. Chris and Janita registered on Monday with all the seniors. I have 21 credits now but that's an overload and I'll probably drop one. I counted up credits -- God willing I'll be in between my junior and senior year during the fall semester. (I only need 6 credits after the summer to be a senior)

As it stands now, this is what I have for Fall:
Teaching Science
Spanish 1
General Epistles
Educational Psychology
Diagnostic and Evaluation of the Exceptional Learner

and I'm waitlisted for Dev/Diag Reading in the Middle School. We'll see what happens and I'll prob something anyway.

I have a lot of homework to do now. The health and PE section of Integrating Music, Art, Health/PE is so much work. Sniff. I liked the other two sections much more! Bye!

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