Saturday, April 26, 2008

The ringmaster sang the National Anthem (and more things). Really good voice!
Cool tigers!
Yay cowboy boots

Yo estaba estudiando por que yo tenia un examen de Espanol.
Academic Communications buddies!
Spring Formal:
It was pretty boring, if you ask me. We just sat around and ate... and watched a guy play music on wine glasses, which was actually pretty cool. The best part about the night was when I ditched being responsible and went to Philly with a bunch of girls at 10pm and wandered around the Fairmount Waterworks with a bunch of girls until midnight.

Admissions took us to the circus. It was smaller than I thought it would be -- maybe being older changed that. It was pretty good though. Not as terrifying as it was 12 years ago. Definitely more digitalized and they had a really obnoxious clown that the guys were imitating in the car on the way back. I had fun though! Actually, the best part was the guys singing and pretending to be clowns on the way back to school. Hah.

Such a depressing day. It was the last day of classes and now I only have two more last day of classes left in my college life! I said goodbye to Spanish class, to Church History, and to American Pop Culture -- the three best classes of the semester and potentially my college career! Ok, they came in pretty close with Doctrine 1, Four Gospels, Integrated Language Arts, Teaching Science, Math Concepts 1 and 2, Emergent Literacy, etc, etc, etc. BUT, I woke up semi-early and continued working on one of my take-home finals that I had started on Thursday but quit so I could write an emergency extra credit paper for Friday. I actually worked in the office for two hours -- what a shocker! I was introduced to the best game ever -- Ultimate Frisbee!!! The only problem with that game is that I cannot bring myself to yell and draw attention to myself which is why nobody knows where I am or that I am quite often wide open. I just run around like a kindergartner playing soccer with no strategy at all -- just following the frisbee. It was great, though. I played again in the dark at 10. There was a bonfire and campout that night too. I didn't camp out, just went for the food and some of the games and singing.

I woke up later than I had wanted. I did knock out more of my final in the morning until I had to work for the Advance Degree Graduation Banquet. Word of Life was on campus for some competition and I sat at the table with a couple Filipinas. That was cool. I'm babysitting now and I finished two take-home finals that I thought I wouldn't finish until Monday and Tuesday. YAY! I should study for Pauline now, but I don't feel like it. I really wish the parents would come home soon because it's 11:15. Bah humbug.

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