Thursday, April 03, 2008

I thought I would share with you my viper in a little diaper story of the day.
The little three-year-old that I babysit has lately been demonstrating the first point in the Five Cannons of Dort. He is learning how to be very defiant and stubborn. However, I was trying very hard not to laugh because it was also kind of funny. He dragged his little sister into the closet under the stairs. He wanted the door closed but for obvious reasons I wouldn't close it. I went to make sure he wasn't hurting his sister and he looks up at me and says "GET OUT!!!" I just stared back at the little sinner and asked, "Is that how you're supposed to talk to me?" The sinner ponders for a while and looks puzzled and finally says, "Please will you go out?" I of course was happy he asked nicely and started to back out and he said "Will you please shut the door?" Naturally, I said "No." He asked rather nicely again. I said no again. Then I hear, "Well... SHUT THE DOOR!!!!!!" I was trying not to laugh so I didn't do anything other than say no and leave before I laughed. His dad walked in the door and got to see the little boy defiantly telling me he was going to shut the door (but looking like he was too scared to shut it anyway) and he dad asked if he was being nice to me, and he honestly replied "No I not be nice to Becky!" He got a little lecture for that.

The End

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oldgreybeard said...

Reminds me of another little sinner I knew . . .