Friday, March 28, 2008

American Pop Culture

So we're doing the 60's and 70's in class now. What do you remember about the 60's and 70's? What do you remember about Woodstock and all the hippie things?

Today we watched stuff from Sesame Street and we were supposed to discuss if we'd let our children watch it but then everyone got into a huge debate about the evils of TV and the need for intellectual stimulation. Haha.

Did you know Oscar the Grouch was orange in 1969?

The reason I got "Big Yellow Taxi" stuck in my head Tuesday night is because on Monday we watched this

Personally, I don't think she has that great a voice anyway. Haha. Funny, it sounds like she wrote it for now with all the enviromentally friendly (and obsessed) people and tree huggers around today.

We also discussed John Lennon (and Yoko who I didn't know was Japanese.. not that I know anything about John Lennon anyway) and Hair and Peace (remember that?) and "Give Peace a Chance." There's a girl here who's last name is Peace and Mr. P wanted her to play a sport just so he could chant "All we are saying is give Peace a chance" whenever she's on the bench. Hah.

I really don't think I would have liked the 60's and 70's but probably 30 years from now I might say the same about the 90's and 00's. But you know what's even more interesting -- songs and stuff from the 70's that are mostly of people grasping for happiness without being able to attain it are really no different from poetry that goes way back like Tennyson's poems. (You can almost compare John Lennon's "Imagine" with Tennyson's "Ulysses" or "Tithonus"... sort of... it works in my mind) Whatever period you study if people aren't saved, they're all grasping for vanity and looking for happiness and satisfaction without being able to attain it. So that's my intellectual conclusion for the day -- the decades are really no different from each other since the fall. Man is just as totally depraved in each decade, whether 1500's or 2000's.

Today I coughed and I heard something pop/crack and now my ribs really hurt. Must have fractured something. Oh well, that stinks.


Chuck said...

John Lemon was a used car dealer in the 60's that sold bad cars. Later in his life he played in Grumpier Old Men.

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