Saturday, March 22, 2008

Addition stuff

So I kinda claimed a new study room. It's warmer than upstairs. Haha. And I didn't feel like clearing off the table to take pictures so the mess is all my homework stuff.
Nice flowers.

The very cool washer and dryer. It's like having your own little home theatre because you can just sit at the table and watch the colorful clothes go round and round.

Anyway, I put those up for the benefit of whomever might not have seen it.

Other cool information about me: I have another email address! I don't really know what it is BUT that's not the point. Go to if you want to set up an account too. Basically you can type a letter to CJ, get it printed out and delivered within about 24 hours, or so they say. I haven't tried it yet since he just left anyway. If you need the information about his rank and all that kind of stuff, email me. Actually this whole paragraph is really for the benefit of Mom and Dad.

In other thrilling news, I finally cleaned out my car and vacuumed it. There's a new outlet inside the new addition so I was able to get the vacuum cleaner to reach. There were all kinds of treasures on the floor... and I think I vacuumed up some pennies too. Ooops.

Well I'm going to get back to reading more about Church History. It's about the Reformers now and it's amazing how many people I know about just from growing up on books about the reformers, particularly the Trailblaizer books. So yeah. And I'm gonna steal a cookie from Andy even though I don't like snickerdoodles anyway.

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somecallmemom said...

Well, I guess pennies aren't really treasures these days!

Thanks for the pictures and the motomail info.