Sunday, December 16, 2007

Hi people,

As of Friday at 12:30pm, I became a senior officially (IQ Web has been lying for some time now). So finals are oooooooovvveeeeerrrr! I worked a lot my last week -- banquets and such. People just have to get all dressed up to eat. I suggested saving time by spreading blankets on the floor and having a picnic dinner. Ed majors would love that. Sadly nobody else liked it. Apparently it's more proper to dress up and sit at a nice looking table just to eat food which you do anyway so why make a big deal about it. Eating... such a strange activity, yet that's what MuKappa does too. AHHH!!! We have conformed!!!

Anyway I'm really, really, really, really cold... I am still wearing my winter coat in the house. It snowed last night so Andy and I shoveled this morning. Then it rained. Sunday School was canceled but morning service on was fine.

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