Monday, December 10, 2007

Hello, world. I have a half hour until Astronomy and at this point, I have given up studying. I went to a study group with Mrs. Gossard and that was good. However, it is science and it is multiple choice. Both work against me. So I have decided to stop trying to cram info in because it won't help anymore. All I know is that in the middle of the coronal mass ejection picture is what looks like the face of George Washington. Fascinating, eh? I would notice something like that... Why can't I pay attention to things that matter?

Mrs. Gossard wanted to know my learning style. I said I learn through music. She said I was very audio. But then I said I have to rewrite all my notes to get them in my head and that I know what pictures are on the page that the correct answer is even though I don't know the answer. She said I am visual. Then she said I was kinesthetic and finally she said I was a puzzle and she couldn't figure out my issues. "!" -- The King and I

So last week I got 2 books. Student Senate gave everyone The Pursuit of Holiness. Then I got a bilingual Spanish-English NT from Mrs. Sparling for perfect attendance in Spanish class.

Hmm, what else. Oh, there was a special chapel for Dr. Babb. He got presented with a monographed towel, supposedly from the student body. As a result, the student body decided to try to get him a real gift that we actually had something to do with and hopefully more meaningful than a monographed towel. People want to get him a sword. How about a light saber? He's the new chancellor anyway.

I ate in the Eagle's Nest all by my lonesome. I don't like eating here cuz the food is all fried. But I didn't feel like cafeteria food either. Oh well.

I suppose I should start packing up and think about class. Oh and I want to show Mrs. Gossard George Washington's face in the coronal mass ejection. I think she'd find it amusing.


somecallmemom said...

But you are learning ... now you know about George Washington!

Chuck said...

Astronomy?? I thought you were going to the Bubbles Cool to learn SPECIAL REVELATION and not General Revelation!!

Andrew said...

poor becky... hallucinations! :-P

oldgreybeard said...

put the picture on your blog so we can see George!