Tuesday, August 28, 2007

So I'm back at school! Junior year! Woohoo! Somebody thought I was a freshman and another girl decided she wanted to be just like me when she got older. HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA!!! That's funny. Poor girl doesn't know what she wished for.

I've only had 2 classes so far: Astronomy and Developmental and Diagnostic Reading in the Middle School. I liked both classes. Actually I saw the lunar eclipse early this morning and unintentionally broke curfew. They changed the rule for when we can be allowed outside our dorms. It used to be 5:30 but now it's 6. They changed several things in the handbook, some for better and some for worse. For example, the old one said specifically no kissing. The new one leaves it up to discretion. However, attire for formal events is no longer listed as "appropriate attire" but very specific in what can be worn. The old one has stuff about the student's personal walk and devotions and also not planning any University events on the Lord's day that don't promote worship and stuff. I didn't see anything about that in the new one. R-rated movies are now allowed on campus, with discretion. Also, people can have wine like at a dinner setting at home but not get drunk. So yeah... a lot of stuff has changed.

The whole atmosphere has changed too. The new drive is COMMUNITY. The "Manor Dorms" are now supposed to interact a lot more. There are dorm and Manor events crammed upon each other. Tonight was rock painting (door stops) and tonight is a dorm meeting for all of Manor dorms. Thurs is a Memorial photo scavenger hunt, Friday is the Luau and Saturday is the back to school kick-off party at Penndel. Yeah talk about pushing community. We have "Manor Olympics" or something coming up too.

Anyway there is more I could say but I have to go to the dorm meeting.


somecallmemom said...

The "Manor Dorms?" Aren't there always lots of social activities at the beginning of the school year?

Becky said...

Manor dorms is the new name for main campus. yeah but this year they're extreme in the activities because it's all about building community. woohoo.. not