Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Would you look at that... two posts in the same week! I'm on lunch break and rather bored. I ran all over campus just now doing some errands, i.e. returning a book to the library, turning in my FERPA waiver to the registrar's office, bothering Academic Communications people, trying to find Scott in the cafeteria, etc. So now I'm back in Heritage waiting for it to be 1pm so we can resume cleaning and moving furniture in the girls' wings. We cleaned the guys' wings this morning. That's all we have to do today and it really only takes an hour and a half at most. Andy, the boss, said "Take as much time as possible and I don't want you to come to me at 1pm and say you're already done." However, he's asking for overtime people sometime later this week into next as we're going to be stripping the floors and rewaxing them. Right now I'm just tired and have a headache again. I'm drinking this nasty, medicine-like drink called "Diet Green Tea with Citrus." Nasty!!! I just felt like drinking it. Lauren left it in her fridge which I'm babysitting.

Yesterday it poured almost all day. The sun finally came out around 4 and it was absolutely beautiful! It was quite cool, sometimes chilly, but really nice. Today's high is 84 and sunny. WOOHOO! Too bad I can't go out and enjoy it after work because I'm doing the banquet.

Speaking of the banquet, I needed black dress pants. I don't own any so I tried to borrow some from Ariel. They would fit fine if I grew about 5 inches. Sniff. So I guess I'll wear my skirt, but the shirts we have to wear are supposed to be tucked in and it doesn't work so well with my elastic band skirt. Oh well. There aren't enough girls on campus to have hopes of borrowing a pair of pants that fits. And speaking of being short, we were cleaning some glass balcony things in the BLC and Ben had to go up the ladder to do it. I wanted to go up the ladder and Andy said, "Well that's great but you're too short." Waaaaaah!!!

I have decided to see how many departments I can work for this summer. So far I've worked for the marketing department and campus services. Tonight I'll have worked for food services. Scott was practically on his knees begging people to work tonight's banquet. He doesn't have enough people and there are so few people on campus now. He promised to treat anyone who worked tonight to Rita's. Haha. That's desparate. Andy tried to get him to let us eat for free all next year, but he wouldn't be that nice. The set-up is really nice though. They did an Italian restaurant theme and there are candles and checked table cloths and everything. Really pretty! Kinda crowded though because they used the bottom of the BLC by the museum area which contains random paintings and of course the Fujimura or whatever it's called painting. We have a lot of random decorations around. I just noticed that the paintings one wall are of the Philadelphia Art Museum and the Philmont WaterWorks. Hah! I've been there!

Well it's only 12:37 now so I've got some more time to kill. I don't feel like walking back up to main campus and bothering the different departments since they're all on lunch break anyway. I must be one of those annoying students who walks into every different department to say hi to people. I take every opportunity possible to bang on Gaynell's office window or talk to Liane in Admissions. I like to visit Student Life and bother people there too. And of course I like to walk into Academic Communications and see if anyone missed me. Haha.

Oh, yesterday, we were moving fake trees from different offices. (Yeah, we steal decorations from all over the school just for this banquet) I was carrying a huge tree (from the Alumni office, which, by the way, has a basket of candy!) which pretty much completely covered me. I bumped into Dr Minto and she gave me a really strange look and said, "What are you doing? Are you hiding? Because I can see you." Hahahaha! Today Andy told us to steal the paintings from the cafeteria. I asked if we could dress in black so it would be more fun. Ben was singing the Mission Impossible theme song to go along with it. ;)


somecallmemom said...

Is the thrift store closed for the summer? They must have a pair of black pants that fit you.

Becky said...

i went on monday but it closed at 5. i used my black skirt instead.

Anonymous said...

What's up with the goose! Guess his goose was cooked?

I have a pair of black camo pants you can borrow!

When are you coming down to visit me - I miss you - JJ [Just Jokin']


Chuck said...

R U still alive???

Sure haven't heard much from you. Don't you miss me anymore?

Will you be in the garbage state on Sunday?