Saturday, February 10, 2007

MuKappa Event

MuKappa was so much fun. I have a paper to write, but here's a picture of us MK's. (People came and went all night so these were the survivors that stayed late) The first picture has 3 additional non-MK's that have connections and managed to get invited to the event. (Danae claimed her parents were Korean and she was adopted and now they're missionaries to Kansas.) The second picture are just the MK's in their true form.

Back: Benaiah (Philippines), Philippe (France), Jessi (Mexico), Mary (Columbia)
Front: me (duh), Rachel (Korea), Andy (Japan)

PS Just for fun, here's a picture from the Eagle's Nest night we had in Fall 2005

Sam P. was conducting the symphonic band concert and Sam M. had left by the time we took our group picture. Ariel was working and Cindy went back to Brazil last year. I don't know where Irene was last night.

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