Saturday, February 17, 2007

I'm tired of studying for exams. Bah humbug.

To be or not to be a dispensationalist... Just kidding! Did that make you sit up? I started researching covenant theology vs. dispensationalism on the internet. Progressive dispensationalism seems to be what most PBU professors hold to (except Master).

There you go -- the Messianic Star of David. How PBU appropriate. Steph has one that she got in Israel. I actually think it's quite pretty. I am not questioning covenant theology. I'm just trying to make covenant theology my own and what I believe in because I believe it not because my church and family believes it.

So Tuesday was open dorm. We had wing wars. Our wing was all black. It was anti-Valentine's Day. People were able to write all over the walls, including one wall for "Worst Dates" stories. They were quite funny, especially when the guys started writing. "I went to pick up my girlfriend and her dad got in the car and went with us. I had to pay for him too." Hahaha! All the guys that came down said they loved it and would vote for us, but being typical guys, they forgot to cast their ballot. (At least that's our explanation as to why we lost) The pink wing won. There must be favoritism -- it was Christy's wing and her wing won last year. She probably forced people to vote for her wing, knowing Christy. =)

Wednesday we had a snow day!!! It was great! I was so excited that I woke Jessi up to tell her she didn't have to get up (this was at 7:15am) and we were too excited to go back to sleep. Sooo we went to breakfast at 8 and only the custodial and campus services people were there. Haha. Then some of the MK guys came. We were at breakfast for about an hour because I got the great idea to play the grand piano in the ADR (part of the cafeteria separated by dividers). Jessi and I woke up Elena and Colleen and got them to watch "Swan Princess" with us. Then we did homework... or at least attempted to do homework. I only really got going at 8pm. I went to dinner and was there for about 1 and a half to 2 hours... socializing.

Thursday, we hoped for a delay but alas, we had class. Mr Allen got a phonecall in the middle of class and he had forgotten he had to testify in some court hearing. So he came back in the room and said, "Wow I feel sorry for you guys. You're on an emotional rollercoaster -- maybe no class, we still have class, maybe no class?" We got out 15 mins early, though. I took Cyprus to Trenton for her permit (I got lost, but I found my way again!) that afternoon.

Thursday night we had a "Well" event. "The Well" was started by Dean Hernandez several years ago because she wanted there to be something for the girls on campus. The last "Well" meeting was a "Well forum" when Dr Vasso spoke on true beauty (what else!). Anyway, this was instead of her Valentine's Day Princess breakfast. We watched this awful movie called "One Night with the King." I don't recommend it. It's the story of Esther, Hollywood-ed. The parts that were purely from Scripture were fine, but it was totally Hollywood-ed and dramatized. It was an interesting experience though. The creepiest part was that it was so LOTR-ish and Mordecai was Gimli and Memucan was Faramir's father. Also, Haman looked like Mr Field with long hair. ANYWAY, there were indeed some really good parts and there were some pathetic parts! Want the details? Just ask. The one quote I did like was "David did not triumph because he fought well; he triumphed because he believed well." The other thing that I actually did appreciate was that it helped me understand the context of the exile which was helpful as I have my Isaiah exam on Monday. We girls got to take home a rose afterwards. One girl said she could start a lot of rumors by walking into Heritage Hall with a rose. PBU is weird that way.

Friday I went to work and James and I finished inventory! YESSS!!! I counted single sheets of paper for 2 hours. (I counted 2,000+ papers) The only fun part was that James brought the CD player into Sugar Bear (the supply closet) and played Celtic folk music. Then I had Prophetics and was very upset that Mr Toews didn't move the exam to Wednesday. Heh oh well. I didn't have Emergent Lit cuz it was Friday and we don't have class Friday (yessss!!!) so I ate with the guys after Prophetics class. Then I had art class and the art teacher is quite an .... interesting character. (Speaking of art, as I left the lunch table, I said "I have to go to art class... drawing-drawing." It was really unintentional and it slipped out before I could stop it. Benaiah was the only one that caught it and of course he understood it, but it probably sounded dumb to everyone else, if they heard it.) So anyway -- art looks like it's going to be fun, crazy, and interesting. We have to do a photo essay and I think I'll do cafeteria food... or maybe different Bibles. Other people did hands, colors, feet, etc. Twenty-seven pictures of cafeteria food... wow! Or maybe I should do signs at PBU. (Including all the ancient ones in Sugar Bear) Nah. Food should be interesting. Wish it was spring so I could do flowers. I'm not allowed to use my old pictures.

I studied a good deal today and made brownies (recipe from Mrs Benjamin -- she was the music teacher for the music section of Integrating Music, Art, Health/PE.)

I have pics but I think I'll make a slideshow of them... sometime. Not now though. Bye!


Chuck said...

Lots of time to write I guess? Verbal diaherra? Or just not wanting to study?

How's your boyfriend doing?


Chuck said...

So you admit it!! I kept telling G'Mother that's what was going on.