Friday, May 02, 2008

Reason #1 to know Dr Hard's Church History notes like the palm of your hand:

So you won't get distracted by his joke questions in the middle of the final.

In the middle of the matching section involving dates of the Seybrook Platform, Mayflower arrival, etc was the question: The year that the the Enterprise reached warp speed?

Another matching question:
The "state" that students are in during finals week = Chaotic

The "Force" in Star Wars is an expression of true Christianity

And one of the multiple choice options for the New Light/Old Light Controversy: The war between the Klingons and... something.

After hitting the first joke question, Dr. Hard says "Haha, pretty cool, huh? It's like finding Easter Eggs!!!"

Randolph's cellphone went off AGAIN in class. Because it was the final, he didn't have to stand up and do the cellphone hokeypokey but Dr Hard yelled at him and said, "You again!! If there were a purgatory you'd go to it with your cellphone!"

Wow. I love this school.

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Sara said...

That's so awesome! I wish I could have had Dr. Hard for a class. So corny and fun.